World Wide Patent Pending 

The best product spin in the universe


If you’ve seen something similar, it’s probably our work. No other studio or technology anywhere comes close to creating spins that approach this quality.


The ‘Martini Spin’ is the only product spin in the world where a product can be viewed on multiple axes whilst hovering in a weightless environment. We have a pending patent covering multiple claims and innovations since December of 2014.




These spins are not a CGI rendering of a product.  They look like the real product because they are the real product. It's all photography based. We add further reality by making it as smooth as possible and elevating the product above it’s own shadow.  


Immersive, Tactile


This technology bridges the gap between the high-street and the virtual shopping experience. It’s like holding it in your hand. This is particularly true when using a touch device like an iPad or smartphone where the fingers are used and you are able to almost ‘touch’ the product.




The business Case


Simply having stunning imagery to present your products is not enough. You need to know that these spins will offer a return on investment.



Increased Conversions


Research has proven that the longer an online shopper spends on a product page, the greater their propensity to purchase. With these spins you can engage the buyer longer and boost online sales.


Increased buyer confidence


By giving the buyer more control and allowing them to inspect the merchandise closely, a brand can gain the trust of the online shopper. This increased confidence will lead yield more conversions. 


Reduced Returns.


Because the product is presented with such fidelity at the point of purchase, the online buyer is less likely to return it. This is becoming a very important factor as more online retailers offer a free returns policy.


Adding Brand value.


This technology will imbue a brand with a high-tech, forward-looking image regardless of whether the product is purchased online. It’s a completely new way of presenting a product online that is sure differentiate a brand in the marketplace.




Many consumers use the web to evaluate products that are later purchased in a normal retail environment. This is called 'Review online, Purchase offline' (ROPO). This is particularly true of higher value luxury items or products needing a fitting or customization in a store such a pair of ski boots or a pair of shoes for an upcoming marathon. These spins add familiarity with a product and create revenue through all channels...not just e-commerce.


Three Birds, One Stone


The studio shots that go into a spin are a much higher resolution than is seen here. These pin-sharp stills can be used for print and web so your catalog photography is taken care of. HD video can be also be extracted from the spin for use in TV ads. By combining the jobs of three creative professions, a brand can save money, administrative overhead and reduce their time to market significantly.